Second Teacher in Class
The student will gradually enter the educational system alongside their mentor teachers who co-teach with them. The mentor theachers share their experience and help the students cope with challenges and difficulties int teaching
Student-Teacher as a schoolresource
Delightfully, the results are already seen in the field
The purpose of the program: The students benefit from the veteran teacher's and will enrich the learning with academic, fresh and up-dated thinking. The students presents in the classes will allow individual learning and personal attention for each pupil


Academia-Classroom is a new program of the Ministry of Education. The purpose is to change the teaching training process and to promote the transition to “co-teaching” in the classes. In 2015-2016 school year, the Ministry of Education started a pilot study in which nearly 900 students (third year of training) spend three days a week (12-16 hours a week) at 250 schools and kindergartens together with the veteran teachers for challenging and enjoyable co-teaching


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