Frequently Asked Questions

How are schools chosen to participate in the program  ?

Schools are chosen by the following partners: District Professional development inspector, Academic institution, General inspector, Local authority representatives, Local pedagogical center manager.

How can you join Academia-Classroom  ?

The school principal is welcome to give in a request to his/her general inspector. The general inspector will refer the request to the professional development inspector of the district.

What are the benefits of the partners ?

Refer to Academia-Classroom call for proposal document. Click here

How many students participate in each school ?

Between 5-15 students in each school . One to two in the kindergarten .

What are the sector and geographical aspects?

The program includes all the sectors, all the districts and all the age ranges – Jewish, Religious, Arabs, Druze and Bedouins excluding Special Education. The program works all over the country – from the Golan Heights to Eilat

What are the program's aims ?

There are several  goals for the Academia-classroom program:
  1. Promoting meaningful learning in the classes by co-teaching
  2. Improving student teacher training and improving professional development of experienced teachers
  3. Developing career paths from training through clinical practice, induction to teaching, mentoring and teaching training.
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